These 5 Students were elected by the Washington TSA membership at the 2016 State Conference to serve as the 2016-17 State Officer Team. They are responsible for representing the membership of WTSA, planning activities, and facilitating events.
State President

Nadia Smith
Goldendale High School

I'm Nadia Smith, and I'm a senior at Goldendale High School this year.

As an officer this year, my main goals are to reach out directly to chapter officers and the WTSA membership and maintain contact with them, start doing state officer visits (to both schools with and without chapters), and increase our social media presence. I also want to help the WTSA membership grow even more, especially increasing the numbers of ladies and chapters from eastern Washington.

I first got involved with TSA through VEX robotics, and competed in that along with a few other events during my first year. I also qualified for nationals in Washington, D.C. That year, I went as an addition to a qualified VEX team so that I could get more VEX experience, along with competing in my other events. I learned an insane amount from that group of boys, had a blast at the conferences, and was absolutely hooked on TSA! Since then, I have taken on leadership roles and have grown to love this organization even more. Since my first year, I have competed in VEX, Extemporaneous Speech, Essays on Technology, Technology Bowl, Prepared Presentation, On-Demand Video, Career Preparation, and Future Technology Teacher.

Over the past three years, TSA has had a very large impact on my life. TSA has helped me grow as a presenter, as a writer, as a speaker, and has helped me to improve my teamwork skills and professional skills. TSA has helped me to rebuild my confidence throughout the course of my events, has led me to many different cities, and has given me amazing opportunities to compete, work with other students, advisors, and chapters, and help others to learn about STEM and this technological world, and try to find their passion and figure out what they want to do with their life.

After high school, I am planning to attend college and swim competitively (division II or III) and study to become an engineer. I also want to get an Olympic Trials cut, and travel to somewhere in Europe. After college, I plan to find an engineering job and begin my career. I would at some point like to have a family of my own, coach sports in my town, and be active in my community, but that's my plan in a long, long, long time.

My favorite joke right now is: "Why are stairs cool?
Cuz you can get down with them."

State Vice-President

Jessica Arellano
Wahluke High School

My name is Jessica Arellano, and I am a junior at Wahluke High School.

My main goal as an officeris to help the small developing TSA Chapters. I struggled bringing TSA to both my Junior High, and High School. I lacked the advertisements and I couldn't intrigue my classmates to join.

I got involved in TSA when I was an 8th grader by bringing TSA to the Junior High and then to the High School. I compete in Problem Solving, VEX Robotics, Tech Bowl. But I am interested in different events.

TSA has impacted me by giving me a vast amount of information. I love robotics and technology and this was what I needed. It has become a big part of my life, the people I meet, the experience and memories are irreplaceable. In my future, I would like to be an engineer. I am still not sure what type of engineer, but I have been more interested in being a robotics engineer or a mechanical engineer.

My jokes or puns are in the moment, and I don’t always remember them. But a good joke I like is:

Did you hear about the kidnapping at school?
It’s okay, he woke up

What did the duck say when he bought chapstick?
Put it on my bill

State Treasurer

Koto Durkee
AC Davis High School
I'm Koto Durkee, and I'm a sophomore at AC Davis High School.

This year, being your WTSA Treasurer, I have two main goals I want to accomplish: to unify East and West Washington, and to shorten the gap between the members and the officers.

I joined TSA in 6th grade because my brother was in it and it looked really fun and I was right! I'm so glad I joined TSA because it has changed my life. TSA has made me become a better person, going from being shy and not having many friends to being a person who loves to meet new people. My favorite part of TSA is meeting new people! I also love competing in events such as Technical Sketching and Application, Structural Engineering, and Essays on Technology. Through being in TSA, I have realized that I want to become a mechanical engineer.

Another thing about me is that I like jokes.
What do you have if you crossed a panther with a beef burger?
Really fast food!
State Reporter

Margarita Romero
Sunnyside High School

State Sergeant-At-Arms

James Ponce
Sunnyside High School

I'm James Ponce, and I’m a senior at Sunnyside High School.

My main goal as an officer is to get more eastern Washington students involved with TSA.

I got involved in TSA through VEX robotics. Some events I compete in now are On Demand Video, Animatronics, and Teams. TSA has impacted my life in a variety of ways, but the most significant impacts it has had on me is the ability to push myself to learn more and to get out of my comfort zone. In my future I want to obtain a major in computer science or electrical engineering to work for Microsoft or in the field of biomechanical engineering.

What is the name of the first electricity detective?
Sherlock Ohms.