These 6 Students were elected by the Washington TSA membership at the 2017 State Conference to serve as the 2017-18 State Officer Team. They are responsible for representing the membership of WTSA, planning and hosting the Fall Leadership conferences, helping to plan other activities and the State Conference, and facilitating events.

Margarita Romero
Sunnyside High School


Marcus Amalachandran
Henry M Jackson High School

Hey everyone! My name is Marcus Amalachandran and I am your Washington TSA State Vice President! I am currently a Senior at Henry M. Jackson High School. This is will be my fourth year in TSA, and I have never been more excited! 

I have competed in many different competitions in TSA, but if I had to pick my favorite events, they would be Flight Endurance, Digital Video Production, and Webmaster. With a wide variety of events, I always try one or two new events each year. This has allowed expanding my interests and knowledge in the STEM field. It also has translated into more a focused career goal for me, leadership experience, various new friendships, and mentorships. I believe that everyone should have access to TSA, and experience the same cool opportunities that I got to have.

I look forward to seeing you all throughout the year, and good luck on your competitions!

Jordyn Wearin
AC Davis High School

Hi guys! I am Jordyn Wearin, your state secretary. I am a junior at A.C. Davis High School in Yakima. This will be my 6th year in TSA. I have gone to Nationals twice, first in Washington D.C. and then Orlando, Florida. The competitions that I normally compete in at Flight, Engineering Design and CAD 3D Engineering. This year I am going to try the VEX Robotics competition with my school's team.

I am involved in TSA because of the hands-on activities and leadership opportunities. I have always enjoyed helping build projects and the STEM aspects of them. The leadership part of TSA offers me a chance to be more active in my community. Being a state officer has given me the chance to meet new people and make life-long friends.

I can’t wait to see you guys at state this year!

Sophie Burbank
Mountlake Terrace High School

Hello, my name is Sophie Burbank and I’m your WTSA State Treasurer! I am currently a Junior at Mountlake Terrace High School, enrolled in our STEM Magnet program. Coming from another school district and enrolling at MTHS as a freshman three years ago, I knew no one. I quickly found a home in TSA, making many friends and finding a strong support system. TSA also allowed me to grow close to many upperclassmen who helped guide me through my first year of high school. My three years in TSA has helped me improve both my technical and leadership skills. As a shy freshman, I was afraid to speak up and be noticed. TSA has given me the skills, confidence, and passion to help others succeed and to spread the joy and inspiration that TSA has provided me.

TSA has also introduced a whole new aspect of the world to me. The events have let me explore the vastly different facets of STEM in creative and applicable ways. Every year, I take part in events I am unfamiliar with to try and broaden my horizons. This year I will be competing in Architectural Design, Animatronics, Structural Design and Engineering, and my favorite event, Dragster Design.

Outside of school and TSA, I am a history and woodworking geek, and I managed to teach my cat to fetch (it takes persistence). I have played ice hockey for 9 years and currently play defense for my 19U girls team. I live with my mom, dad, and brother and have had the opportunity to travel to 4 continents with them.

I look forward to helping to build WTSA and to creating the best experience possible for all its members.

Portia Castilleja
Toppenish High School


Maria Arguelles
Cedarcrest High School

Hello, my name is Maria Arguelles and I am a sophomore at Cedarcrest High School. I am the current Washington TSA Sergeant-at-Arms. My favorite events to compete in are promotional marketing and future technology teacher.

Outside of TSA, I am also involved in ASB and I figure skate and dance. I participate in TSA because it allows me to meet new people who have similar interests as me, and gives me an opportunity to be a leader. I’ve learned so much from TSA, from getting projects done to being able to go out and learn problem solving skills that will help me throughout the rest of my life.

I also enjoy that I have the chance to try different events to figure out what I like to do best. My favorite part about being in TSA is having the opportunity to grow as a leader and being able to take part in the state officer team.