Chapter Fundraising


Event how-to Videos

Washington TSA would like to have short how-to videos for each competitive event (or at least most of them). These would be videos that advisors could show students who were interested in an event, as a getting started point. They could also be used as an introduction to a TSA event. These would be short 3-5 minute videos. We are not asking chapters to give away all of their secrets, but we do need videos that actually introduce an event and how to do it, because all advisors cannot be experts at all events. Washington TSA will waive $50 of State fees for each video we accept. If you are interested in providing one or more videos, email Mrs. Smith at with the name of the event(s), and your proposal for what to include in the video.


new wtsa promo video

Washington TSA needs a new promotional video that can be shown to advisors and students to get them interested in TSA. WTSA will waive $1,000 of State Conference registration fees for one chapter to create a new WTSA promo video for us throughout the year. This will require a chapter (students and advisor) who are qualified to create a video at this level. It will also require chapter members to attend TSA events throughout the year (Fall Leadership, regional competitions, State and Nationals) and spend the necessary time to video everything, as well as putting the video together. 

If you are interested in producing this video, please send a proposal to Mrs. Smith by November 9th. The proposal should include the following:

  1. Description of proposed video - suggested content, length, material to include in video

  2. Suggested layout (mostly event clips, people talking, people working, etc)

  3. Bios of responsible students/advisors who would be working on the video

  4. Suggested project costs/reimbursement (i.e. mileage, sub days, event attendance fees, materials)

  5. If you would prefer something other than a waiver of state conference fees, please detail that proposal as well

  6. Links to previous videos the group has produced


chapter competition for state judges

It is always a struggle to find approx. 200 industry judges for our WTSA State Conference, but most TSA students know someone who would be qualified to be a judge for one of our 60+ events. Washington TSA will waive $1,000 of State Conference fees for the chapter who lines up the most industry judges for the 2019 State Conference.

The State Conference will be held at the Doubletree Seatac hotel again this year, March 28-30, 2019. There will be about 10 events with early entry deadlines of March 1st. The rest of the events will be turned in on the afternoon of the 28th, and judging will start at 5:00 pm. A complete list of events/times/days and judging needs will be posted here soon.

When you are looking for judges, think outside the box. Judges for Essays on Technology could be retired English teachers, or college students, or librarians. Judges for Children’s Stories could be authors, or librarians, or bookstore employees. They could also be teachers for pre-school or primary grades who would be using the books.

For some of our events, we also can use judges off-site, so if you have people who are qualified and willing to judge, but unable to take time off work, we could have them judge early entry events, or during Thursday or Friday evenings, or Saturday morning events.

There are some rules for this competitions:

  • Parents/family/friends of TSA students cannot judge the same level as their student (i.e. a qualified middle school parent could only judge high school events)

  • Judges will have to actually show up and judge to be counted toward that chapter’s number of judges

  • Judges will need to be qualified for the events they are judging, and qualifications will need to be listed

  • We will need contact information (email and cell number) for all potential judges

  • Judges who judged an event last year do not count toward the total number. These need to be new judges.

Questions? Email Mrs. Smith at