What is LEAP?


TSA's leadership program, LEAP – which stands for “Leadership. Education. Achievement. Personal Growth” – is designed to encourage students to be the best TSA member they can be as they seek knowledge about themselves, the organization, and their community while demonstrating leadership. LEAP is a customized program specifically developed for the Technology Student Association. LEAP is designed to promote leadership throughout every activity a student does in TSA.

As a student, what does LEAP mean for you?

If you are competing at the State Conference, you will be required to turn in a LEAP report (high school) or a LEAP response (middle school).

You will need to keep track of your leadership experiences throughout the year - at your school, through TSA, and in your community

You will have to be able to articulate your experiences, and match them with the five practices for student leadership - Model the Way, Inspire a Shared Vision, Challenge the Process, Enable Others to Act, and Encourage the Heart.

high school student pilot project - career research

Washington State is conducting a pilot project for National TSA, including a career research paragraph along with the LEAP report.

All individual high school competitors must write 1-2 paragraphs, with a total of at least 8 sentences, answering the following questions:

  1. What is one (1) career related to this competitive event?

  2. What schooling/training is required for qualification in this career?

  3. What are some details of this career (average salary, upward advancement, possible employers, etc.)?

  4. What are some typical job duties of someone in this career?

  5. Why would this career appeal to you, and/or what personality traits would be suitable for this career?

All team competitors must answer the questions for two (2) separate careers (answer the questions for career 1, then career 2)

Resources for you

LEAP Overview on the National TSA Website

LEAP Competition Engagement (this is where you will find all of the examples, instructions, templates and more)

LEAP video (state officers are working on this right now)