Washington-only Events


Washington TSA is proud to offer six unique competitive events at the WTSA State Conference. While these events are not yet available for national level competition, each competitive event will develop students’ skills in areas that are key to many industries in Washington State.

Career Prep - High School

Career Prep is currently a middle school national TSA event. Washington TSA will run Career Prep as a high school event also. Students have to research a career, and write a cover letter and resume as if they have graduated from college/high school/tech school with whatever training is required for the position they are applying for. Then, semifinalists have to do an interview as well. This is one of the most useful skills TSA students will use for a lifetime.

This event incorporates elements of leadership, career research, resume development and interview skills in a real-world application.

Event guide will be published Sept. 2019


LEAP reports (HS) and responses (MS) are a requirement of competition at the National TSA Conference. Washington TSA is choosing to NOT require LEAP documents for competition at the State Conference, starting this year (2019-20). However, they will still be required for all events and all National Conference competitors. Washington TSA will run LEAP as a competitive event at the State Conference, to give students the opportunity for feedback on their reports/responses, and practice with their LEAP interviews.

Event guide will be published Sept. 2019

Robotics - MS & HS

Students will design, build and test a remote controlled robot to carry out a specific challenge. Teams must be a minimum of two (2) and maximum of four (4) students. High School and Middle school will compete on different challenges. Robots may be constructed using recycled, salvaged and commercial parts. There is no specific platform or vendor required. Commercial kits can be used, combined, adapted, and re-engineered for the Design Challenge. Examples include, but are not limited to: VEX, LEGO, TETRIX, Fisher/Technic, Lynxmotion, HiTech and/or Arduino.

2019-20 middle school robotics challenge

2019-20 high school robotics challenge

Mousetrap Cars (Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Production) - Middle School

Participants design, fabricate, and demonstrate their ability to use a CNC (computer numerical control) machine to produce mousetrap car parts, which they assemble and demonstrate at the State Conference.

2018 middle school CNC Production event guide (rules update 12/17/18)

2018 middle school CNC Production scoring rubric