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2nd Extemp Speech online "regional"

Extemporaneous Speech is one of our most popular events at State. While it does not require hours of work ahead of time, practice is definitely recommended. For this “regional” event, please follow the guidelines below, to get the maximum benefit from this event.

  1. BEFORE you look at the topics listed, collect the following items: writing utensil, 3x5 notecard (or small piece of paper), stopwatch of some kind, and a recording device.

  2. Once you are prepared, look at the three topics. Choose one.

  3. Take 15 minutes to write your speech on your notecard. DO NOT look up any information. The point is to write this speech on your own!

  4. Suggestion - start with an outline of your speech. Then write an opening and a conclusion. If you still have time, make a list of talking points. It’s pretty much impossible to actually write a 3-5 minute speech in 15 minutes.

  5. As soon as your 15 minutes is done, you need to give your speech to your recording device. You can have someone record you, or just set up your phone to record.

  6. The goal is a speech that is at least 3 minutes long, and no more than 5 minutes long. Deductions are given for speeches that are too short, or too long.

  7. Once you are done, upload the file to While you will not identify yourself during your speech at State, you do need to name your speech file with your name and school, so that we can give you feedback.

  8. Good luck. Please don’t cheat. The goal is to give yourself practice for the actual event at the State Conference.


Students of all ages, even primary school age, seem to live for their phones. What impact are smart mobile devices having on society, peer groups, learning methods, information retention, and more? Is it beneficial, or negative?

Millions of people are impacted by cancer. TSA partners with the American Cancer Society. What can Washington TSA chapters do, during the next six weeks and at the State Conference, as ACS fundraising/awareness activities?

As a Career and Technical Student Organization, TSA provides opportunities for leadership and professional development, and career exploration and research, through competitive events, as well as events such as Fall Leadership, Legislative Advocacy Day, regional competitions, and the State and National Conference. Are we doing enough? How could we do more, and what would it look like? Give specific examples, and solutions.