2018–2019 Washington TSA State Officers


These six students were elected by the Washington TSA membership at the 2018 State Conference to serve as the 2018-19 State Officer Team. They are responsible for representing the membership of WTSA, planning activities, and facilitating events.

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Dozens of officer teams have led our organization. In addition, some Washington TSA members have been elected to serve as national officers. We’re grateful for their contributions!

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Are you an outgoing, social, organized high school student? Are you willing and interested in stepping outside of your comfort zone? Can you lead by example, manage large groups of teens easily, and handle a crazy schedule while keeping your grades up and meeting your deadlines? Do you think that the Technology Student Association is the place for you to shine? If so, you are a perfect candidate for a WTSA state officer.

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Meet the Officers


Maria Arguelles, State President

Hey guys, my name is Maria Arguelles and I am a Junior at Cedarcrest High School. This is my fourth year as a TSA member. Currently, I am your State President and am really excited for this coming year.

Aside from TSA, I have been a part of my school’s ASB since elementary school, as well as National Honors Society (NHS), Link Crew, and Random Acts of Kindness Club (RAK). I have also served as a chapter officer at my school’s TSA chapter since last year, and am now the President there as well.

Outside of school, I am a dancer and figure skater, and enjoy spending time with my friends as well as volunteering for nonprofits in my free time. I can’t wait to meet you guys during the course of the year, and look forward to seeing you at all of our TSA events!


Jordyn Wearin, Vice President

Hi, I am Jordyn Wearin, your state vice president. I am a senior at A. C. Davis High School. This will be my 6th year in TSA. My hobbies are playing soccer, hanging out with my friends, working on projects and being outside.

My favorite event is Engineering Design, because of the teamwork and the creative projects that come out of the competition.


Stella Beemer, Secretary

Hi Washington TSA! My name is Stella Beemer and I'm excited to serve as your 2018-19 State Secretary. I'm a current senior at Shorecrest High School in Shoreline, and this is my fourth year in TSA. My favorite events are VEX, Photographic Tech, Webmaster, and Coding. I love computer science and programming, and hope to pursue a career in software engineering or data analytics. My other interests include dancing, playing video games, and watching far too many movies.

I got involved with TSA through Shorecrest's first VEX team three years ago. Over that time I have seen Shorecrest's chapter grow and met so many talented and amazing people. My goal as a state officer is to meet as many of you as I can and hear your stories. TSA has helped me find my closest friends and my future career, and I hope I can help many more of you have the same great experience I have. I also want to help all of you fundraise for both the state and national conference. I've learned a lot about how to best fundraise through my experience with Shorecrest, and I can't wait to share this information with all of you! Thank you so much for electing me, it's going to be a great year!


Jade Smith, Treasurer

I'm Jade Smith and I'm a junior at Goldendale High School. My hobbies include TSA, robotics, competitive swimming, running x-country, eating and reading. My favorite events in TSA are Architectural Design and VEX Robotics.

In 8th grade, after doing robotics all year, the high school teacher asked if I wanted to go to a TSA Conference to compete in robotics. I had no idea what TSA was, but as I sat at my first opening ceremony, I knew it was a place I belonged, as well as a place where everyone could belong. As a state officer this year, I want to make sure everyone, whether new to TSA or a veteran member, feels that they belong and their input matters.


Sophie Burbank, Reporter

Hello, my name is Sophie Burbank and I’m your WTSA State Reporter! I am a Senior at Mountlake Terrace High School, enrolled in our STEM Magnet program. Coming from another school district and enrolling at MTHS as a freshman three years ago, I knew no one. I quickly found a home in TSA, making many friends and finding a strong support system. TSA also allowed me to grow close to many upperclassmen who helped guide me through my first year of high school. My three years in TSA has helped me grow both my technical and leadership skills. Entering as a shy freshman, I was afraid to speak up and be the center of attention. TSA has given me the skills, confidence, and passion to be a leader, helping others succeed, and to spread the joy and inspiration that TSA has provided me.

TSA also introduced a whole new aspect of the world to me. The events have let me explore the vastly different facets of STEM in creative and applicable ways. Every year, I take part in events I am unfamiliar with to try and broaden my horizons. My favorite event is Dragster Design.

Outside of school and TSA, I am a history and woodworking geek, and I managed to teach my cat to fetch (it takes persistence). I have played ice hockey for 10 years and play defense. I live with my mom, dad, and brother and have had the opportunity to travel to 4 continents with them.

I look forward to helping to build WTSA and to creating the best experience possible for all its members.


Kyle Yorgesen, Sergeant-At-Arms

Hello everyone, I am Kyle Yorgesen, your 2018-19 WTSA State Sergeant At Arms. I am currently a senior at Wahluke High School. In my free time, I love to dance ballet and to be outside working on projects. My favorite event in TSA is Children’s Stories, because it allows students to use their creativity to develop a story that would be used to educate a child.

TSA provides me with a safe and constructive environment to learn, grow, and fail, as a person and a leader. When you fail at something, it forces you to learn, and to find a new way to solve the problem. In the end, you grow more through your initial failures than through instant success.